Casino Gambling: Is this a potential guaranteed Roulette system?

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Casino Gambling: Is this a potential guaranteed Roulette system?


I was thinking about how to win roulette with minimal risk involved.Now there are even money odds (1-1) on the colors red and black in roulette.I was just wondering that if you constantly only bet one color with the intention of only winning a certain amount of money and have a large enough bankroll to withstand potential initial losses would this system work?
Say for instance you go to a casino with the objective to win $1,000.00USD only playing roulette and you have a $31,000.00USD bankroll.Say you play $1,000.00USD on red. If it wins you walk away with $1K if you loose you play again but this time you need to compound your bet so that if you do win you will win back all of the money you bet thus far as well as win the objective of $1k.As far as loosing goes, you can loose several times in a row. There is a 50-50 chance of winning when you play colors in roulette.The way I figure it your color is bound to win eventually.
So, if I went into a casino with $31K with the intention of winning $1K would the following betting strategy work?

Please help.

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